The Lit Exhibit is a writing gallery - it’s like an art gallery, but for words.

We want literature to be an experience off the page. Once a year, we pick a theme and host an open call. We accept literary art submissions from all ages, all levels, anywhere in the world. Selected work gets displayed in our pop-up showcase in Brooklyn, NY.

We also host workshops and events in the gallery - including a zine fest on the day of our opening reception.

Submit Your Writing in 3 Categories:


Traditional Text

Short Text: Micro poetry and fiction are best suited for this category. Minimal line breaks or formatting. A good rule of thumb is, if it can fit in a tweet, you’re good to go. Long Text: We also accept longer works (up to 500 words) for our blackout poetry section.

Visual Text

Text with a visual element - we like to call this category “words of art”. We are interested in submissions that explore the idea of ‘text as image’ and are receptive to text art, found poems, erasure poems, hybrid and experimental works, and other creative takes on the medium.

Installation Art

All work with an interactive component, including audio or video poetry. We welcome pieces that are collaborative in nature, or explore the idea of how writing and stories can take up space or be full, social experiences.

We also welcome the public to send us ideas for workshop proposals. In 2019, The Lit Exhibit was more than just a one day pop-up. We stuck around for a whole two weeks and invited folks to our space to host zine making classes, poetry readings, makeup tutorials and so much more! Our goal is to foster community and inspire new storytellers. Writing doesn’t have to be solitary, and it doesn’t have to be inaccessible.

Interested in joining our team?

The Lit Exhibit is seeking volunteers to help run our 2020 planning committee and to join our review panel.

visit here to apply